Wildlife and Edible Gardening

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• Vision •

We would like to create a garden experience that brings you closer to the natural world. In our mind, a garden should be a sanctuary for us and for wildlife. Our style of gardening gently attunes natural processes to meet the needs of people and wildlife. Our aim is to strike a delicate balance between wild & tamed, creating a space that is both functional and beautiful. A garden should be economical on resources and actively contribute to our well-being. We would like to create a space for you that is full of life and vitality – where fresh organic fruits, vegetables and herbs bustle with nectar-rich plants buzzing with bees and butterflies…If this is the kind of gardening that interests you, then read on with how we can help you.

Like no other time in history we need to re-think our partnership with the natural environment and our gardens play an important role in this. That’s where we would like to help you. We are not your usual gardening service, although, we do a lot of what normal gardeners and garden designers do! Instead, we delve deeper into how gardens function by understanding principles of ecology in natural ecosystems. By working closely with nature these guiding principles can help us design and create environments that can reward us in many ways.

From small urban courtyards to woodland and everything in between we can make a difference by carefully selecting plants and landscaping to suit your needs and the needs of wildlife. We can design and create landscape features and planting schemes, from edible hedgerows to biodiverse ponds and food forests. Our gardening vision offers you sustainable solutions that help unlock the full potential of your garden as a rich habitat.

Once upon a time, we were all deeply connected to the rhythms of natural life and the land that sustained us. We can bring this back into our lives in our gardens by encouraging wildlife habitat and by cultivating & harvesting useful and edible plants. We need to re-learn what we have forgotten, together.

• Design •

The process starts with a free consultation to look at your garden or land and to discuss ideas. This is followed by a written report that sketches out some preliminary ideas on how we can develop your garden. It might be just a planting design to attract butterflies or you may want a redesign with hard landscaping and structural changes. No matter what size your project we can help. The written report is free and will contain broad ideas with sketches and diagrams. It will contain a brief list of plants you might expect to see in the design. Major wildlife habitat types will be covered and ways existing areas or beds can be improved. Depending on the project or brief given by you, the written report might contain ideas on how we can improve the infrastructure and ‘hard’ aspects in the garden.

The report will contain initial ideas to be discussed and once agreed we can proceed in two ways – the slow way or the fast way! You might have a large garden with established plants and trees with existing hard landscaping. Ideally, before any big changes are made and a design drawn up, the garden should be observed to see how it performs and changes over the course of a year. We can do this by simply gardening and getting a feel for the garden to allow an overall design to gestate over time. By the end of a year, a full design and action plan can be drawn up and enacted in the second year. This is the ideal way but not everyone is patient enough I know! Of course, this isn’t always appropriate and designing can start after a site survey has been made.

• Creation •

My garden experience all started with landscaping on both commercial and domestic sites. This has given me insight into what works visually and structurally in gardens. It has also shown me how we can have a dramatic effect on the landscape we live in. Working as a gardener and learning about plants intimately I have come to realise what’s important and what a garden should offer.

Creating the garden can be part of ongoing garden maintenance with landscape projects spread out. Or the project can be undertaken in one go. It’s entirely up to you with how you would like your garden realised. Landscaping includes planting and building ‘hard’ features such as walls or ponds. The landscaping should add functionality or interest to a garden but for me, it is secondary to the plants. It’s all about the plants and it’s the planting that makes or breaks a garden.

We endeavour to create the garden as sustainably as possible by sourcing local materials and using thrifty techniques. We support local nurseries, quarries and woodsman to realise our projects. It is also important for us to create the garden in a way that minimises the effort used in maintenance once the garden has established.

• Care •

We are offering regular maintenance work to help establish productive and fertile gardens that provide healthy organic food for your kitchen and habitat for wildlife. Depending on the size of the garden this can be on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. All our gardening methods are organic and we take natural measures to prevent the use of nasty chemicals – we want to promote the life in your garden not inhibit it! We use no-dig gardening methods where possible as we believe in keeping the soil community and structure intact. I make my own bird & bat boxes, Bee houses and bug hotels. If you don’t like the sound of noisy machinery such as leaf blowers and hedge cutters and you reminisce about the good old days of the ‘clip clip’ on sunny afternoons, then we have traditional tools to get the job done.

Last but not least. If you are interested, I want you to be actively involved in learning and caring for your garden yourself. After all, it’s you who is going to be harvesting the many rewards it has to offer. There will be many things to forage throughout the year and I will equip you with details on what to eat and when as well as other uses for plants you might be interested in using. A lot of plants are multifunctional and I can provide you with details on different uses such as medicinal qualities, insecticide, dye, fibre, essential oils, incense and more!
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