Gea Works – Landscape Gardening

Gea Works is passionate about enhancing the landscape we live in through good design and craftsmanship. We are crafts people that get a real sense of satisfaction from making things well and in mastering our craft. We undertake all aspects of landscape gardening and collaborate with landscape designers, horticulturists and other specialists to create a wide range of gardens from urban courtyards to wildlife habitats and everything in between! We can simply build you a wall or we can plant you a Food Forest.

Gea works offers a more sustainable approach to landscape gardening – one that enriches habitats, both for us and for flora & fauna without a detriment to, or depletion of another. We want to increase the biodiversity, fertility and productivity of the land around us and incorporate these criteria into our designs – we therefore specialise in creating wildlife and edible gardens.

Get in touch with us to arrange a chat to discuss your ideas. We can help improve your garden with advice on planting – we can design and build elements within your garden from edible hedgerows to water features – if you have a design in mind – or if its a whole garden make-over you’re after we can design and build it for you. Have a look at our site and find inspiration, ideas and information on what we can create together.

Bath, UK

We would like to support local community initiatives by offering discounts and skill swaps on our services. Have you just purchased land and need some help and ideas? Is there something you need to build but don’t have the tools or expertise? This could be anything from building compost loos to planting semi mature Oaks with a Telehander. We support and trade with local suppliers, quarries, timber yards, woodsman and nurseries to realise projects. If you have a product or service we might be interested in, get in touch! We offer our landscape gardening services in bath and surrounding areas.

Landscape gardening bath